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Call for the Housing Minister to amend the Planning and Development Bill 2023

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Planning and Development Bill 2023

Call for the Housing Minister to amend the Planning and Development Bill 2023

The most significant reform of Ireland’s planning system since the year 2000 is in the offing, Michael Walsh, former chair of the Law Society Conveyancing Committee, has said. Walsh urges the Minister for Housing to amend the Planning and Development Bill 2023, it’s a call for action to make the conveyancing system more efficient and user-friendly.

The Planning and Development Bill 2023, by its title, seems aimed at overhauling or fine-tuning the rules around planning permissions, land use, and development to meet contemporary needs. Amendments to improve the conveyancing process could involve a few key areas:

Streamlining Processes: Simplifying the steps required to transfer property ownership, potentially by cutting red tape or making it easier to obtain necessary documents and permissions.

Digital Innovation Incorporating digital tools and platforms to speed up searches, applications, and communications between all parties involved in conveyancing.

Transparency and Accessibility Making information about properties, land, and planning permissions more accessible to the public, which could help potential buyers make informed decisions more quickly and confidently.

The end game? To make buying or selling property as smooth as slicing through butter, reducing wait times, costs, and headaches for all involved. It’s a bold move towards bringing the property market into the digital age, making sure conveyancing doesn’t feel like deciphering ancient scrolls.

These reforms are not just about tweaking a few rules—it’s about transforming the conveyancing landscape to better serve modern Ireland.

For solicitors, this could mean a world of difference: happier clients, faster transactions, and a digital-first approach that could set the stage for growth opportunities.

Now, the ball is in the Minister for Housing’s court to consider these proposed amendments. With the right changes, the Planning and Development Bill 2023 could indeed be a cornerstone for a more streamlined, transparent, and efficient conveyancing process.

It’s a clear signal that it’s time for the legal profession to embrace change, dig into digital for future success.

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