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No More Vaping for Under-18s.

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Vaping in Ireland

The legal landscape of vaping in Ireland is undergoing a transformation, and staying informed is crucial .Age restrictions, impending measures in 2024, and the Department of Health‘s consultation process all contribute to this evolving legal changes and No More Vaping for Under-18s.

Since Friday, December 22nd, a fresh law is putting the brakes on selling nicotine-inhaling goodies, like e-cigarettes, to those under the age of 18.

The  Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, didn’t waste a moment. He kickstarted section 28 of the Public Health (Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Act.

Now, It’s going to be a no-no to sell these nicotine-inhaling vapes to under 18’s.  Breaking this rule could land you a fine of up to €4,000 or even a stay behind bars for up to six months!

But wait, there’s more! Minister Donnelly spilled the beans that the remaining measures in this legal saga won’t kick in until the year 2024. These include the thrilling topics of advertising, licensing, and even vending machines.

The Department of Health is taking it up a notch with a consultation process. They want to cook up more ideas to make these nicotine-inhaling gadgets less tempting for young souls.

Remember, this is all about protecting our future youth one puff at a time!


Overall protecting our youth is a shared responsibility for future Ireland.

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