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Referendums on women in the home

By February 20, 2024 No Comments

Ireland is set to hold two significant referendums on 8 March 2024, aligning with International Women’s Day. These referendums will address changes to the Constitution concerning the definition of family and care. The first referendum seeks to broaden the definition of family beyond marriage, acknowledging diverse family structures, including those founded on durable relationships other than marriage. The second focuses on the role of care within families, proposing to remove outdated references to women’s duties in the home and instead recognize the broader societal contribution of care provided by family members to each other. These changes aim to reflect and adapt to contemporary social norms and the evolving nature of family and care in Ireland today.

The referendums have garnered widespread support from various civil society groups, including the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Family Carers Ireland, and the Union of Students in Ireland, among others. However, they also face opposition from certain organizations like the Iona Institute and the Irish Women’s Lobby. The Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) supports the amendment on the family but has reservations about the care amendment, describing it as “implicitly sexist” and “ineffective.”

It’s important for Irish citizens to register to vote by 20 February if they wish to participate in these referendums. The outcomes have the potential to significantly impact the legal recognition and support of various family structures and the role of care within Irish society.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the official announcements and discussions on these topics from RTÉ and the Electoral Commission of Ireland.

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