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Update to The Personal Injury Guidelines

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In Ireland, the procedure for revising personal injury guidelines has been updated to ensure a more consistent and transparent approach. Here’s a breakdown of the new procedure:

The Personal Injuries Guidelines, introduced in 2021, aimed to standardise the awards for personal injury claims. The guidelines are periodically reviewed to reflect current societal and economic conditions.

Revision Procedure

1. Establishment of the Personal Injuries Guidelines Committee (PIGC):
– The PIGC, part of the Judicial Council, is responsible for drafting and revising the guidelines. It comprises judges from various court levels, ensuring a broad perspective on personal injury cases.

2. Data Collection and Analysis:
– The committee collects data from a variety of sources, including court cases, insurance reports, and medical evaluations. This data helps in understanding trends and average compensation for different types of injuries.

3. Consultation Process:
– Stakeholder Consultation: The PIGC consults with key stakeholders, such as legal professionals, insurance companies, medical experts, and advocacy groups, to gather feedback and suggestions.
– Public Consultation: There is a provision for public input, where individuals and organisations can submit their views and experiences regarding the guidelines.

4. Drafting and Review:
– Based on the collected data and consultation feedback, the PIGC drafts the revised guidelines. The draft is then reviewed internally by the Judicial Council to ensure it aligns with legal standards and societal expectations.

5. Publication and Implementation:
– Once the revisions are finalised, the updated guidelines are published on the Judicial Council’s website. They are then implemented in courts across Ireland, providing a reference for judges in personal injury cases.

6. Ongoing Monitoring:
– The guidelines are not static; they are subject to ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews to ensure they remain relevant and fair. The PIGC continuously monitors their application and effects, making adjustments as necessary.

Key Changes in the New Guidelines

– Standardisation of Awards:
The revised guidelines aim to further standardise compensation awards, reducing discrepancies between similar cases and promoting fairness.

– Transparency:
The process emphasises transparency, with detailed explanations of how compensation amounts are determined, helping both claimants and defendants understand the basis of awards.

– Accessibility:
Efforts have been made to make the guidelines more accessible and understandable to non-legal professionals, ensuring that individuals without legal backgrounds can comprehend their entitlements.


The revision of personal injury guidelines in Ireland reflects a commitment to fairness, transparency, and consistency in personal injury awards. By involving a wide range of stakeholders and continuously monitoring the guidelines, the system aims to serve the best interests of all parties involved. For solicitors and legal marketers, staying informed about these changes is crucial to advising clients accurately and effectively navigating personal injury claims.

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